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Artificial Intelligent Insemination

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AI Artificial Insimination

Surin Farm only uses AI for all the farm breeding. We have a variety of boars including purebred Large White, Landrace and Duroc boars and Duroc mixed with Pietrain boars. All of our boars are pedigree Thailand Livestock blood line boars. The sows we use are all one and two breed sows with the majority of the sows being mixed Large White and Landrace.

We have two trained staff members who extract the boar sperm and three member who inseminate our sows. These same people provide insemination services to other farms in our area.

Many pig farmers come to our farm to obtain their sperm. We are open on the weekends and provide sperm to our customers and to the customers of the Thailand Livestock farms.

We are not AI experts but every day we are getting better. On this website we will share some of the information we have found useful. Much of it is not our original information, but information we have found on the internet. We do not want to plagiarize but offer the information giving credit to the source when possible (that is when I remember where I found it).

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