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American Cajun Smoked Sausage (Gluten Free)  

Surin Farm Gourmet sausages are made in the Louisiana tradition with authentic Cajun and Creole seasonings, fresh pork from Surin Farm and then naturally wood smoked.

Cajun food comes from the Southern parts of Louisiana and Mississippi and is spicy, rich, and very good. The typical Cajun food was developed by extremely poor people who in 1755 were forced out of their settlements in Acadia, Canada by the British, eventually settling in Southern Louisiana. Due to the extreme change in climate, the new French- speaking immigrants were unable to cook their original dishes and would cook whatever fresh food was ready and available and this tradition is still alive in many places today.

Surin Farm is dedicated to providing you with the authentic taste of Louisiana's Cajun Creole Smoked Sausage. Each Cajun Gourmet sausage recipe is a unique blend of Louisiana spices and seasonings bringing full flavor to traditional Cajun & Creole sausages. All Cajun Gourmet sausages can be prepared baked, broiled, grilled on the pit or for that fast meal 1 minute in the microwave. Use our Cajun Gourmet Sausage as you would regular Smoked Sausage and enjoy the unique flavor our sausage adds to your favorite dish!

Surin Farm Gourmet Cajun Sausages are not cured or fermented, they are sold frozen to extend shelf life as we use no preservatives, additives or flavor enhancer such as M.S.G.      

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American Cajun Smoked Sausage

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