Surin Farm   Chiang Mai, Thailand

Artificial Intelligent Insemination

Miscellaneous Information About Pigs

Our Mission: To sell pedigree gilts that are offspring's of healthy sows with awesome parenting values

We sell pedigree gilts. All two pedigree breed litters (and occasionally one breed) are checked for potential new gilts. These potential new gilts are then watched and separated out after weaning when they are moved to the nursery. If the piglet still shows good qualities it is kept and moved to a gilt raising barn. If the piglet at any time is felt to be a no good gilt it is culled.

Pricing - a premium price of 1,500 baht is added to the base price for two breed gilts and 4,000 for purebred gilts.

Key Benefits

Gilts are viewed daily and culled if any negative development is observed.

Guarantee - As any pig farmer will tell you, it is hard to guarantee a gilt. We, Surin Farm, have no control of your farm sanitary conditions or the strain of germs you may have on your farm or how you introduce your new gilt into the farm.

We sell you healthy gilts!