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 A local lady, Oijai, in Sanpatong makes this marinate and then grills and sells chicken wings beside the road. She was kind enough to give us the recipe.

It is great on chicken and pork!

OiJai Thai Grill marinate/Sauce

Marinate for 5 Kilo (11 Pounds) of Chicken Wings (can also be used on Pork Loin or other meats)

In advance, if desired, you can combine ingredients 1 through 5 and store.

Prior to using as marinate add ingredients 6, 7 and 8. A juicy fresh pineapple works best as the pineapple juices soften the chicken. Refrigerate any unused marinate.

This recipe will make a full batch of marinate for about 11 pounds of chicken wings. Also you can slice a like amount of pork tenderloin to about a 1/4 inch thick (which is also prefect for marinating).

Place meat into marinate for one to two hours prior to grilling.

Grill on medium heat until meat is done.