Surin Farm   Chiang Mai, Thailand

Artificial Intelligent Insemination

Miscellaneous Information About Pigs

Our Mission: To sell healthy pedigree piglets with great finishing qualities - all are PRRS vaccinated

The primary product from Surin Farm is piglets. Piglets are raised in an environmentally safe area and are given the best care available. A pig veterinarian is on call to the farm and visits often ensuring healthy piglets. The farm staff is very proficient at maintaining healthy pigs and call on the resources of the farm vet and Thailand Livestock office as needed.

Pricing - price is for each piglet within an entire litter (normally the entire litter is purchased)

Market price as directed by the Thailand Livestock office for the north of Thailand (telephone inquiry into system weekly)

Note: Quantity buyers and repeat customers are given preference pricing

Key Benefits

Shots including, but not limited to:

Tails docketed, ear notch identification, eye teeth clipped

Boars castrated

Weaning at 25 days with movement to a healthy nursery barn

Large orders: Multiple litters purchased are housed together in the nursery to get them ready for your farm

Sell at 45 to 50 days old

All substandard piglets are removed prior to sale!