Surin Farm   Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Miscellaneous Information About Pigs

Our Mission: To sell pedigree purebred boars IF we sell a boar. Normally we don’t sell them.

At Surin Farm we occasionally are requested by the Thai government to raise some Duroc / Pietrain boars for their customers. Normally we do not raise boars. If you have a specific need please let us know, we may be able to help. And from time-to-time we do have boars for sale.

The "fellow" above is our (old) prize boar George. George was the son of the original Pietrain pigs that came from the King of Belgium to the King of Thailand for the Thai kings birthday. George was a very friendly boar that would never hurt anyone. Sadly George grew to big and his feet gave out on him. George is shown with my wife, Nuch, and me.