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Artificial Intelligent Insemination

Miscellaneous Information About Pigs

Insemination Process Remember AI is easy to do and easy to screw up!

Key Benefits:

Once your gilt or sow is ready to breed you need the semen!

Know your semen providers and alert them to the time you will need the semen.

Miss the breeding window and you will need to wait 21 days before you get another chance.

Some useful or required items to have ready:

1. You have determined what pedigree sperm line to use to breed the sow or gilt and have the sperm semen bottle in the storage container all ready to use.  If the semen bottle does not have a twist off cap you need to have scissors to cut the top off. If you purchase your semen from another farm make sure you have contacted them and have the sperm ready. If possible you should only purchase one dose at a time - the AI semen provider, in this case us, has a special refrigerator just for maintain the proper storage temperature. Luckily on Surin Farm we have access to all sperm lines used in Thailand right on our farm. We have 100% pedigree Thailand Livestock Large White, Landrace, Duroc and a mixed Pietrain/Duroc line of boars. We do not carry purebred Pietrain sperm.

2. You have selected the correct insemination rod depending on if the breeding is for a sow or gilt. Our farm uses the foam tipped rods for breeding. Here in Thailand we were not trained to use lubricating jelly on the rod prior to insertion. You should check with your farm vet to determine what practice you will use. Tell us if you are breeding a sow or gilt and we will give you the correct rod for AI breeding.

3. We use Oxytocin during delivery to stimulate the uterus. Oxytocin can also be used during the insemination process to stimulate the uterus contractions which will move the sperm along faster. We do not do this as we were trained that the uterus will contract without stimulation by Oxytocin if the pig is in standing heat.

4.Our farm keeps a boar just for the breeding stimulation process. Our "to be bred pigs" are kept in the front line that has been set up so that the boar will come face to face with the pigs we are breeding. We put a little food in front of the pig being breed and this leads the boar to her. Actually, when the pig is in good heat the boar goes directly to her. The boar often times will "try get into the sow cage" and bites at the sow through the cage. This is awesome as it stimulates her and gets her uterus contracting.

If you do not have a breeding boar you may consider purchasing an aerosol can of boar scent. I have never seen this product in Thailand but I am sure you could ask your vet or animal supplies store if they have it. When we send our breeder out (part of our semen sales business) he has never had a problem breeding without a boar or scent available.

When a sow or gilt is fully in standing heat all she wants is to be bred, with or without scent!


Getting Ready