Surin Farm   Chiang Mai, Thailand Primals

Full pig package: Full pig, six primals

Surin Farm abattoir process a full pig that is cut into the six major primals. Pig is priced per kilo for all six primals.

Full pig package: Six selected primals

Surin Farm will sell you any six selected primals. Price is dependant on the six primals selected.

Primal only package: Surin Farm will sell you any one or more primals. Price is dependant on the primals and the number of primals selected.

Note: Price does not include head, offal or blood.


Pigs are abattoir processed then returned to Surin Farm. Surin Farm then cuts the primals and double sanitarily bags each primals. The primals are then cooled down over night.

Depending on your location will determine how we ship. Our refrigerated truck route is between Chiang Mai and Bangkok with stops of the route.

“Pork tastes different depending on what you do with it.”

The New Yorker, Antony Bourdain

That difference starts at the farm before the you or the chef ever see the pork!

Surin Farm Standards

1. Heredity: phenotype traits of the breeding stock affects the taste and texture of the pork (Surin Farm pigs are all top pedigree lines)

2. Safe meat: scientists have found that free-range pork can be more likely than caged pork to carry dangerous bacteria and parasites. (Surin Farm never allows free range but instead uses extended outdoor areas and deep pit systems. Our pigs have no growth hormones and are antibiotic free).

3. Feed: consistently high-quality feed from wean to finish affects the taste and texture of the pork (Surin Farm pigs are all on the same diet and taste consistently the same).

4. Stress: stressed animals change the glycogen in the muscles. (Surin Farm pigs are raised in small groups on a family farm with loving care). 

5. Handling: to prevent deterioration of the pig carcass it need to be chilled down as fast as possible after abattoir processing and shipped at 1°c.  (Surin Farm pigs carcasses are sanitarily bagged and packed in ice at the abattoir).

6. Eco Friendly Sustainable Agriculture: Surin Farm teaches and practices sustainable agriculture. We use a methane gas plant to clean waste water and protect the air. All pig wastes are processed back into nature.

Surin Farm Is Certified

Good Agriculture Practice (GAP)

Certified Thailand Department of Livestock Development (DLD)

1. Surin Farm is a DLD Standard Farm (Surin Farm is inspected and licensed by the DLD)

2. Surin Farm is a DLD Smart Farm (Surin Farm using technology management)

3. Surin Farm is a DLD Network Farm (Surin Farm helps other farms.)

a. The DLD voted Surin Farm as the Number 1 Network Farm in Thailand.

4. Surin Farm is a DLD Training Farm (Surin farm trains other farms)

5. Surin Farm is a DLD Chemical Free Experimental Farm (Surin Farm is working with the DLD to practice chemical free farming).

6. Surin Farm is a DLD Pedigree Development Farm (Surin Farm works with the DLD to develop better and new pedigree lines)