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Tuscany Mild Italian Sausage

Tuscany Mild Italian Sausage (Gluten Free)

In Thailand you find Italian families along with American families and others that love the mild Italian sausages. They brought with them memories and recipes from home, adding to an already rich Thai culinary marketplace. Today at Surin Farm Gourmet the recipe remains the same: traditional Italian favorites made the “old fashioned way”, with hand stuffer packed for flavor.

The Surin Farm Gourmet Tuscany Mild Italian sausage is made using Surin Farm pork following the Traditional Homemade Tuscany Sausage made in Tuscany. When you eat these sausages, you will enjoy the flavor of Toscana Provence. Tuscany is located in central Italy and stretches from the Apennines to the Tyrrhenian Sea. Our Charucterier hand make these sausages and always surpass the commercial store bought kind of sausages. If you want homemade flavor in an Italian sausage this as a great tasting sausage already made for you.  


The flavor of the Surin Farm Gourmet homemade Tuscany Sausage depends on the pork and spices. Our pork is from Surin Farm and is made using a Italian family recipe with original style Italian spices.

There are almost as many kinds of sausage as there are countries, and Sicily was once a country. The typical Touscany sausage is salsiccia alla pizzaiola. The word itself comes to us from the Latin salsus, meaning "salted."  By definition, sausage is ground meat packed into a pork casing intestine. Stricyly speaking, salame is a sausage but not all sausage is salame (which is cured and dried).  The Surin Farm Gourmet Tuscany Mild sausage follows the Pizziaola sausage in that it is fresh ("raw") sausage and it includes no organ meats (offal).

There is a literary reference to sausage made in China before 500 BC (BCE). Its existence in ancient Italy is connected to the Greeks. Blood sausage is mentioned in Homer's epic Odyssey. Epicharmus and Aristophanes both mention the food in their plays. In Roman Italy Lucania (now Basilicata) was known for its sausage, Lucanica.

We do not know which kind of sausage meat the ancient Italians preferred but we do know that the world loves Italian Sausage.     

Surin Farm Gourmet Italian Sausages are not cured or fermented, they are sold frozen to extend shelf life as we use no preservatives, additives or flavor enhancer such as M.S.G.   

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