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Artificial Intelligent Insemination

Miscellaneous Information About Pigs

AI Breeding Semen Evaluation, Standards and Storage

Key Benefits:

Bacterial contamination will destroy the semen.

Proper testing and storage provides viable breeding sperm.

Semen Evaluation

The boar has a natural ability to compensate for the adverse side effects of bacterial contamination with an overabundance of sperm. By producing the maximum number of doses with the minimum number of cells, the artificial insemination process eliminates this natural ability of the boar. Consequently, artificial insemination requires established quality control procedures for sanitation, collection, and proper antibiotic use to minimize the risk of reduced fertility resulting from bacterial contamination of the semen.

Semen Standards

Gross morphology

Head defects: <10%

Tail defects: <20%

Proximal droplets: <10%

Total normal: >70%


The goal of all these standards is to make sure the semen dose will contain greater than 2.5 billion viable cells at the time of insemination. Some units will use less conservative numbers and still have acceptable reproductive performance in the sow herds.

Semen Testing and Storage