Surin Farm   Chiang Mai, Thailand

Artificial Intelligent Insemination

Miscellaneous Information About Pigs

Our Mission: To sell healthy sperm that is microscopically  inspected at extraction and prior to sale

Another product from Surin Farm is sperm. Piglets are raised in an environmentally safe area and are given the best care available. A veterinarian is on call to the farm and visits often ensuring healthy piglets. The farm staff is very proficient at maintaining healthy pigs and call on the resources of the farm vet and Thailand Livestock office as needed.

Pricing - price is for each dose is within 20 baht of the livestock office price (we are not subsidized)

Our boars are all 100% Thailand Livestock breeds!

Key Benefits

Large selection of boars providing fresh sperm for you AI needs

All sperm is microscope checked at extraction and time of sale

Sperm is stored in a professionally modified refrigerator to maintain exacting cooling conditions

All sperm is Artificial Intelligent Insemination TM